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October 16th, 2018

Conversion killers of an Employer Branding video

Before recording an employer branding video, it is ideal to prepare for things that might go wrong during the process of recording, editing and publishing such a video. Keep these common mistakes in mind to ensure that your video is impactful and appealing to your audience.

Videos without a message

Also known as a video with an unclear purpose, incoherent story or a video without a call to action. Such a video provides O added value since nobody will understand what you want to accomplish. A waste of your time!


On the other hand, there are videos that are too aggressive or salesy, especially when you try to remember your script off the top of your head. Because of this, your tone of voice might not sound natural, so your message might be less believable. Solution? No script! Use 3-5 bullet points that connect your story.

Intro bumper

Even though there probably are brand guidelines that you need to follow, intros add unnecessary seconds. We need to grab the viewer’s attention immediately, since our attention span within 10 seconds. So dare to be rebellious and ‘say no to an intro’.

Vertical videos

Don’t use vertical videos on channels where it is only possible to play the videos horizontally (landscape). This results in two vertical black bars on the sides. This, of course, doesn’t look professional, especially if the video is displayed in a small format. So, always record horizontally, unless it is meant for Instagram stories or you have a great developer who is able to align the video vertically without bars (see example Homerun below.

Some title

Same tone of voice

You can’t use the same tone of voice throughout your communications. A simple example would be to assume you can address a developer in the same way as a sales professional. It won’t work because a developer may need a slightly more relaxed “approach”. Also, there is a difference between how you approach juniors vs seniors. Pay attention to the choice of words and what you offer them. For example, the new generation does not like complex language and considers things such as pension plans less important. So you need you to be able to adapt to the preferences of the audience.

Shaky hands, poor sound, wrong framing

Use a stabilizer, external mic and make sure you use the rule of thirds when recording.

Video with a long duration

Don’t try to explain everything in the video by oversharing or overloading the viewer with information. Rather than that, you can make a series of short videos that are easier to consume. Most people lose their interest after about 30 seconds. So keep it to the point.

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